"Some times, some days, I know exactly what I'm doing, exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. More often though, I live my life by the seat of my pants! Not that I take a lot of risks...just that I often have no clue what I'm doing or what will be next. I paint. Of this, I am certain."

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August 15th, 2005

August...My birthday month. Woo Hoo! 42!! I have this idea that this will be a good age for me. I like how it feels - how it sounds. I have decided that this is the year I make friends with my inner child! I plan to play everyday, if only for a minute or two.

This state of mind has been partly inspired by an artist I recently discovered. Her name is Violet and she contains (contains!?!) the kind of energy and spirit I aspire to. Check out her work, writings and pictures on her website.

I'm hoping for the continuation of good weather and energy so I can begin a BIG project. A work of art and self-expression on wheels! It will be a gift to myself. Sort of like throwing myself a parade, just for being me and celebrating that being me is enough.

What Violette has done to her van has inspired me. Violette herself has encouraged me. I have a van. What I envision won't be just like hers. Violette's says who she is, and so will mine!

Right now, my hormones are as out of whack as they were when I was an adolescent! Might as well try to enjoy it! Get out the paint and some big brushes!!

The days are shortening and I am reminded that summer isn't going to last long. If I do have to wait until spring, for optimum weather, to do the van (I don't have a garage) then that just means I have something to look forward to and all winter to plan.

Oh, but wouldn't it be nice to "have to smile", every time I need to go somewhere in our typically cold, snowy and long Ontario winters?

Right now, I need to be designing and painting for my upcoming fall and winter shows. It's fun to be painting snowmen in August!

Today...embrace the child inside you and treat yourself to an ice-cream cone. Summer isn't going to last forever! Enjoy the day!

~ Lori-Anne

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