"Some times, some days, I know exactly what I'm doing, exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. More often though, I live my life by the seat of my pants! Not that I take a lot of risks...just that I often have no clue what I'm doing or what will be next. I paint. Of this, I am certain."

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February 20th, 2006

When I was out and about the other day, I was delighted to find a large display of garden seeds! I stood there gazing happily, imagining warm spring sunshine, as I touched the shiny colourful packages.

Though they bloom late in the season, it was the Sunflowers that most intrigued me. The different shades of yellow, orange and even rust; the varied heights and personalities each type seemed to show me, reminded me of people I have known.

Whether tall and standing regally alone, heads held high with an independent grin, or the short fluffy, bunches that seem to never to stop blooming; I have people like them in my life and it made me think of them and give thanks for their differences.

No, I didn't buy any Sunflower seeds. Not yet. I have moved and don't have a garden or my beloved porch any longer.

If I stick to the whole garden, growing, differences theme I have begun here, then I guess what best describes me right now is that I am "potted", as opposed to "planted". I am not without a place to call home, but am not settled! Like a potted flower, I can move freely, as my roots are securely protected.

I am in a sort of transition and although excited about what will come next, I find myself also, somewhat afraid of the same!

What IS next? Paints, brushes and bits over flow my table as I create a new work environment.

"Where does it feel right? The lighting has to be good, my chair needs to be the right height and I need to be able to move freely, so I can get up and dance or twirl if I feel the desire to." Ha! Do not laugh...it can be surprising, even to me, just what kind of thoughts and energy enter my mind! There are days when I can paint quietly, allowing thoughts to simply float, then there are other days when I can't contain it all and need to move!

I have had both the worst and the best times of my life in these months of change. Each day seems to bring a new bit of self knowledge and in this period of growth I find myself in, it seems more important than ever to stop and look at the seeds that, if planted, will grow and bloom into all that they can be. With a little sun, a little nourishment and a safe place to "be" and I too, will bloom, wherever I am planted.

The Spring Show season is about to begin. There is lots going on and the places and dates will be on the "Events" page, as applications are submitted, and approved. I am looking forward to participating in shows I have not done in the past, in spaces bigger than I am yet comfortable with and embracing the challenges that come with stepping outside of my comfort zone.

- Lori

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